Chybisa is a small kingdom located in the valley of the Ulmerien River in the southeast of the island continent of Hârn. The kingdom’s capital of Burzyn guards the only bridge crossing the Ulmerien River and sits astride the Genin Trail, the road connecting the kingdom of Melderyn to the east with the kingdom of Kaldor to the north. This position astride an important trade route is the source of much of the kingdom’s revenue. The kingdom’s position between two strong neighbors, both of which have in the past claimed the kingdom’s throne, dominates affairs of state. Through careful diplomacy, Chybisa has managed to maintain both peace and its independence for the last thirty-three years.

Chybisa is barely larger than most Earldoms in most major Hârnic kingdoms, and does not contain a significant walled city. Caer Burzyn, however, is one of the most impressive castles on all of Hârn, and was designed by a Khuzan architect. Its rounded towers and structures are quite advanced when compared with most fortresses on Hârn.

Chybisa gained its independence thirty-three years ago from Kaldor. It was only briefly held as a Kaldoran fief when the tiny Kingdom was seized by Kaldor during the Treasure War, and regained its independence with some assistance from Melderyn. If the new rulers of Chybisa were supposed to have sworn fealty to Melderyn in exchange for this assistance such promises were quickly forgotten. Neither Melderyn nor Kaldor has much pressed its claim to Chybisa since, but the possibility still hangs over the king of Chybisa.

Neither the Treasure War, nor the revolt which drove the presence of Kaldor out of the kingdom were terribly bloody affairs, and were essentially accomplished by massing armies to such an extent that other side had little choice but concede. Relations among all three kingdoms remain relatively good but somewhat strained from recent history. Culturally, all three kingdoms are somewhat similar, with a nobility largely worshiping Larani, and a peasantry following Peoni.


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