The Kingdom of Kaldor is a feudal state ruled by King Miginath. The kingdom occupies the Kald River Valley and has no ports with access to the sea. Kaldor has remained relatively free of external threats through its history, but has sen its share of internal strife and rebellion. The current situation in Kaldor; an aging and sickly king with no declared heirs, seems to be setting the table for another period of turmoil.

Kaldor sits at the nexus of several important trails. The Genin Trail from Melderyn, the Fur Road and Noron’s Way from Orbaal, the Salt Route from Tharda, and the Silver Way from the khuzan kingdom of Azadmere.

The goddess Larani is worshiped by most of the nobility, and the peasantry worships the Lady of Industrious Labors.

Major settlements of Kaldor include the walled town of Tashal, Gardiren and Kiban.

Map of Kaldor


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