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Harn is a complex setting, and this Wiki will attempt to help you grasp what is, more or less, common knowledge to most educated or well traveled people. It will also cover some game mechanics and house rules. This page will gradually become a table of contents to lead you through the material.

For starters, please grab and print the character sheet located here. Also added is a religious calendar. While keeping your character exclusively on a a program like GCA seems easy, experience ha proven that once a character is built keeping track on paper is better.

Religion is an important part of most fantasy game worlds. Harn is no exception. Harn is polytheistic, and here is a list of the major Gods of Harn.

The primary kingdoms involved in the campaign are:
Kaldor, the kingdom of the Knights of Kaldor,
Orbaal, the divided northern kingdom. Also called Jara by Jarin sympathizers,
Azadmere, the dwarven fastness to the north east.
Chybisa a small kingdom to the south, occasionally traded between Kaldor and Melderyn,
Melderyn, the mysterious, and historically stable kingdom, home to many wizards.

Guilds are extremely powerful on Harn, and each individual guild has a monopoly an about every conceivable commercial activity.

Main Page

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