Melderyn is the largest sovereign state on Hârn, and lies on the south-eastern corner of the island. The Kingdom of Melderyn is comprised of the Island of Melderyn, out islands, and holdings on Hârn itself. The Kingdom, like its neighbors Chybisa and Kaldor, has a feudal structure with a strong monarch. The kingdom is the main port of entry to Hârn from mainland Lythia, and most goods that enter Hârn from Lythia flow through the busy port city of Cherafir. Melderyn, with its holdings scattered across many islands, is known to be strongly seafaring. Melderyn is tied to the rest of eastern Hârn by the Genin Trail, which runs from Melderyn, through Chybisa, to Kaldor. Generally, Melderyn maintains peaceful relations with her neighbors, but maintains an unpressed claim on nearby Chybisa.

Melderyn also has a reputation as a place of magic and strange happenings. While it is undoubtedly an exaggeration, the Island of Melderyn is known by many common-folk as “The Wizards Isle.” Even so, it is known my all to be a center of arcane learning and the home of may practitioners of the magic arts. Their true influence remains largely uncertain. In 707, just 14 years ago, a huge fleet of Vikings left Orbaal intent upon looting the Melderyn city of Thay. When the fleet was rounding Cape Renda, just a few leagues from Thay, a freak storm dashed the entire fleet against the rocks and killed nearly all the would-be invaders. Many suspect that the mages of Melderyn were behind the storm, and no one has stepped up to dispute that.

Melderyn is the home of two walled cities. Cherafir, on the Island of Melderyn, is a busy, cosmopolitan port city, with a subtle overlay of mystery and magic; or at least that is the perception held by many.

Thay is on mainland Hârn, and is a relatively recent city. Thay was founded by survivors who fled Aleath, now present day Kanday, when that city fell to the Balshan Jihad in 572. Some 400 refugees left Aleath by ship, and nearly perished at sea until the legendary Arch-Mage Genin led them to safety and to the location of present day Thay where the city was founded.


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