Akitt Llack

The half-brother of the Earl of Neph


Akitt Llack is the half-brother of Hemisen Curo. He is the product of the former Earl of Neph, who shared similar earthy appetites as the current Earl and was famous for his wenching even late in life. Although a bastard, he was acknowledged by his father and raised in a townhouse near Gardiren. This relatively comfortable life reached an end when the previous earl died. The widow, and mother of the current Earl, expelled him and his mother from from Gardiren and they left Kaldor to live with her extended family, most of whom seem to have been in Melderyn.

Around five or six years ago, after the death of the widow to the previous Earl, the current Earl, Hemisen Curo, decided to invite his half-brother back to his court. Akitt had since been trained as a timberwright, and had no martial training and lacked courtly graces. He soon made a fool of himself at court. The Earl, wanting him out of his court but still wanting to be generous to his half-brother, granted him a position as bailiff to a prosperous but remote manor around five leagues southeast of Gardiren known as Charmic. Akitt visits the Earl personally every mid-summer and pays his rents and scuttage while they enjoy a meal together. The Earl has commented that the lad, now in his early thirties, seems more mature now, and that life in the country has done him well.


Akitt Llack

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