Master of the Lords of Dream, Bringer of Meritorious Dreams and Blessed Forgetfulness, Lord of the Starlit and Thrice-blessed Realm, King of the Uttermost West, Spirit of the Mist, Never Changing Lord of the Azure Bowl

Siem is the eldest of the lesser gods, and probably the wisest. Siem, like the Sindarin, His people, is patient above all others. Siem is known for sending pleasant and oracular dreams, and for the gift of forgetfulness; the salve of unpleasant memories. His actions are subtle, effective, and more apt to confuse than harm. He is most frequently depicted as an elven lord with a wreath of stars upon his head. His face and body bear no clue of age, but his eyes project wisdom, and his aura projects feelings of strength and longing. Siem is surrounded by an air of sadness.

Siem dwelt on Harn with the Elder Races, the Sindarin and the Khuzdul, for thousands of years. He left Kethira for the Blessed Realm in sadness after Morgath gazed into the Bukrai and was driven insane. Siem offered to erase the memory from Morgath’s mind; the gift of blessed forgetfulness, but Morgath, now irredeemably insane, refused. Siem prophesized that Morgath’s madness would eventually spell destruction for all creation, and largely withdrew from the affairs of the gods and men. The Sindarin have been slowly following his example; lingering on Harn for a while, but eventually migrating to the Blessed Realms. Prior to His departure Siem was offered the guardianship of the Illimitable Tome but refused, nominating Save-K’Nor in his stead.

Siem’s decision to withdraw to the Blessed Realm may have also been prompted by the coming of Men to Harn. Unlike the Sindarin, who live in harmony with nature, Men clear forests and wild lands for agriculture and fuel. Siem, who loved the misty forests of Harn, may have wanted to spare Himself the vision of their destruction.

Few humans worship Siem outside a few Jarin living in northern Harn, or near the settlements of the Elder People. There are also a few pilots, seamen, astrologers and scholars who follow the Lord of the Azure Bowl. Unlike the elder peoples, humans have tended to add some loose organizational structure to the church of Siem, but there is no central church. Human “priests” are called Inthiar. These are enlightened holy men, many of whom dwell in the wilderness to reach a deeper understanding of Siem.

Siemism is a matter of heart and soul, not of doctrine. In this sense there are no worshippers of Siem, only those who worship the beauty with which he is associated. Piety is a reverent affinity with the elements more than it is an alliance with the deity. Most worshippers of Siem delve into Natural Mysteries, ancient secrets about the ordering of life, that extend back to the time Siem resided on Kethira. Once these mysteries are mastered, the adherent may act to protect the natural order from that which would destroy it. It is considered improper to act in ignorance. The sincere adherent is a moral entity, compassionate, trustworthy, and one who strives towards greater wisdom and patience. Siem is forgiving; those who fail are not condemned, only those who do not try.


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