Tormentor of the Unlamented Dead, Master of the Principle of Evil, Lord of the Gulmorvrin of the Black Pit, Wielder of the Shadow of Incarnate Evil, Master of Chaos, The Lord of Darkness

Morgath is the self-appointed master of chaos and evil. Of all the Gods, he is the the most prone to violence and insanity, and the quickest to anger. He is a lord of retribution, but cares nothing for justice. He is filled, it is said, with an abiding hatred of all things fair and noble. Morgath is best known as the master of the undead, particularly the Gulmorvrin, who are governed by his chief demigod Klyss. When Morgath appears to men, it is usually in some ethereal form, his true shape being unbearable to behold. He is never portrayed, but rather symbolized by the Durangash, a black circle (Bukrai) on a field of brown (Morgath).

Bukrai is a sphere of black nothingness, said to have been left behind by the First Gods. Why they left such an artifact is unknown. It is said that Morgath was quite different from his current form until he stared into the Bukrai and it forever changed Him. Feeble shadows of the Bukrai are manipulated by priests of Morgath to work their vile spells and create the walking dead.

Morgath seeks to undo the work of all men and gods, believing that the natural state for Kelestia is the primal chaos that preceded the First Gods. The Order of the Lord of Chaos serves Morgath by seeking a return of the primal Chaos. They have two important missions: harvesting souls to be fed to Bukrai, and creating Gulmorvrin to serve Morgath in the final battle for supremacy.

The church teaches that all other churches, and most political hierarchies, place one person above another and one state above another. The Church seeks the abolition of all established orders and a return to a world where each man is measured by his abilities, not his birth.


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