Orbaal is the name for a loosely organized kingdom on the northern end of Harn. The region is very rugged, with many mountains, fjords and isolated islands. Previously, the region was known as Jara, and was the home of the largest population of independent Jarin on the island. However, within the last few decades, sea faring Ivinian raiders conquered the region and established their rule over the native Jarin. A few inland regions still remain in Jarin hands, but most settlements, especially those on the coast, are ruled by the Ivinians who, although a vast minority, have successfully subjugated the native Jarin.

Politically, Orbaal is very poorly organized. Each lord rules his own town or village pretty much as he sees fit, and only need pay tribute to those who are in a superior position. This chain of tribute continues to the king, who, beyond his immediate holdings, has little say in the governance of the kingdom as a whole.

The Kingdom was called Jara prior to the Ivinian invasion, and is still called that by many Jarin.

Orbaal is connected overland by two roads; the Fur Road and Noron’s Way. Both connect to Kaldor, however neither route sees much traffic. Being master sailors, the Ivinians rarely use roads or trails for distant travel unless it is absolutely necessary.


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