The Sindarin are the first civilized inhabitant of Harn. Called “elves” by most men, the Sindarin are a long lived, perhaps immortal, race of people rarely seen by the average person on Harn. The Sindarin can pass as a human, but tend to be slightly smaller in stature and more physically beautiful. They tend to keep to themselves, living in their isolated Kingdom of Eveal.

The Sindarin came to Harn thousands of years ago, apparently stopping “briefly” on Harn to enjoy its misty forests. Many have moved on to their next destination, but some continue to linger for a time.

The Sindarin have enjoyed a good relationship with the Jarin who live within their kingdom. For a time the Sindarin and Khuzdul likewise enjoyed a good relationship during a time known as “The Condominium.” However, for various reasons, relations between the two elder races soured and degenerated.

The Sindarin have a reputation for being magical in nature. They are exemplary bards and musicians and few forget hearing a Sindarin minstrel play or sing. They are also known for making light, but strong, weapons and armor.


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